‘BBB 23’: Gustavo is targeted by ‘brothers’ after returning from Paredão. ‘A stone in the shoe’

After the first Paredão of “BBB 23” stirred up the ‘brothers’ game with the elimination of Marília and Fred Nicácio, some participants turned on the alert and show concern with the next few days. gustavo escaped the risk zone this week and may take a little longer to enter again in sight after the latest events involving Gabriel Tavares.

Ricardoduo of Fred Desimpedidos at the beginning of the competition, analyzed the opponent’s permanence along with Paula, formerly of Casa de Vidro, and stated that the Key Alves affair could be a big problem for him going forward.

“The cowboy, for me, will be a thorn in the side”, declared Ricardo. “It’s going to hurt my foot too. It would be much easier if at one point he voted outright for me. That’s right,” agreed Gabriel Tavares’ friend.

Indicated by Bruna Griphao for Paredão, Gustavo seems to have won the trust of the ‘brothers’ at ‘BBB 23’

During the chat, Ricardo said that Bruna Griphao, responsible for nominating Gustavo to the first Paredão edition, praised the ‘brother’. “Yesterday Bruna said to me: ‘I tried to talk to him and I didn’t see a defect’. Man, Bruna! She’s very explosive too, and she couldn’t find a defect in him. I kept thinking: I can’t see a defect either a reason to put this guy on the wall”, he pointed out.

And he added: “Yeah, but he knows that the way he talks captivates. I’m not judging his nature. He really has a huge heart. He talks to you in a different way. You can feel that he’s a good person from heart. For me, he’s the only one here who fucked me”, finished the friend of Fred Desimpedidos.

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