‘BBB 23’ Glass House Giovanna Leão changed from the butt to the nose and the amount spent will surprise you

“House of Glass”BBB23“, Giovanna Leão was evicted from home three times in childhood. Now aged 25, the businesswoman seems to have no problems with money. The Paulista from Campinas spent approximately R$ 150,000 on aesthetic procedures that transformed her body from buttocks to teeth. Giovanna competes for a spot on Globo’s reality show with biomedical Paula; also dueling for a vacancy Manoel and Gabriel.

“BBB23” premieres this Monday (16th), but this Thursday (12th) all the participants of the Pipoca and Camarote groups will be revealed with a novelty in relation to the previous 22 seasons; see here who is quoted to join the famous team – list includes influencer, country singer and model.

Casa de Vidro do ‘BBB 23’, Giovanna had a rhinoplasty and increased her butt

Responsible for racist posts, Giovanna underwent a rhinoplasty, which costs at least R$ 18,000, but can reach R$ 30,000. Another procedure chosen by the red-haired businesswoman was lip filling, costing R$ 3 thousand, details the column “Portraits of Life”, in the newspaper “Extra”.

Emancipated since she was 16 and now responsible for supporting her family, the woman from São Paulo also underwent fat grafting in her buttocks, which cost her about R$ 12,000. The possible “BBB” even put porcelain lenses on her teeth, estimated at R$ 40 thousand.

Less invasive treatments were other choices for the redhead, a victim of childhood bullying. “I wore glasses and I was never skinny. I’ve had very serious problems with food,” said the young woman for the reality production.

On her first day of fame, Giovanna was visited by ex-“BBBs” at the house set up in a shopping center in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. On the other hand, in a partial unofficial poll the redhead was the “zebra” in the dispute for the vacancy with Paula, since Manoel appeared surpassing Gabriel with an advantage.

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