‘BBB 23’: Gabriel regrets distance from Bruna Griphao after toxic relationship alert. ‘I can’t comfort you’

Bruna Griphao and Gabriel’s relationshipwhich started at the first party of “BBB 23“, cooled off after Tadeu Schmidt warned the couple. After exposing several toxic conversations between them, the presenter revealed that the case became a subject on social networks.

Bruna and Gabriel even talked after the incident and decided to stay apart. But this Wednesday (25), the model approached the actress and assumed that he is feeling alone. “People only miss it when they lose. Now I can’t even come close, that I can’t console you, put my hand on your back… I miss you so much here. But I don’t want you to change your mind, you’re right”, shot the former Casa de Vidro.

The artist then pondered: “No, I can’t change my mind. We couldn’t have a clearer response from the public about what happened”. “I don’t want to let my family down.” But Bruna also assumed that the latest events are still messing with her a lot: “I can’t even look at you straight. Like, it moves a lot, I feel bad, I’m trying to ignore it”. “This week could be my last,” Gabriel opined. See below some moments of the conversation!

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