‘BBB 22’: with ex Pedro Scooby confined, Luana Piovani rejects watching reality for the 1st time

‘BBB 22’: Pedro rejects making reality a dispute

At 33 years old and born in Rio de Janeiro, Pedro Scooby discovered his passion for surfing at the age of 5. Currently married to model Cinthia Dicker, he believes that being down to earth is the most important thing and said that because he likes freedom, confinement can be a problem. The brother also stated that he does not want to make the “BBB” a dispute.

“It’s a personal relationship there, not a race that, when it’s over, everyone goes their own way”, said the carioca, who will also meet singer Naiara Azevedo and influencer Jade Picon, in addition to actress Maria, who was in the soap opera “Amor de Mãe”.

‘BBB 22’: model, Natália has been signing up for reality since she was 18

After four years, Natalia was finally selected for the production of the program. At the age of 22, the model from Minas Gerais said that she was fighting to be called up for the reality show and, therefore, will not give up easily now that she is in the cast.

“I will fight until the end with all my strength to win this award”, he guaranteed. “I’m 22 years old and I’ve experienced many things that a 30-year-old woman hasn’t experienced. Nothing in my life has been easy, it’s always been difficult, but in the end it worked,” added Natalia.

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