‘BBB 22’: Web clues and speculation point to return of eliminated in Black Room

Netizens are in an uproar with the possibility of a recap on “Big Brother Brasil 22”. The subject began to circulate on social networks after the airing of the program on Friday, which ended with the puppet of the reality show “kidnapping” presenter Tadeu Schmidt during a special effect. Although the program has recently received two new contestants, Gustavo and Larissa, who entered after staying a few days at Casa de Vidro, soon after Maria was disqualified from the attraction after assaulting Natália with a bucket during a dynamic.

Another thing that also caught the attention of viewers was a change in the show’s vignette. During the traditional song “Vida Real”, which opens the reality show since its first edition, the photos of the eliminated participants are erased, indicating that they have already left the program. Yesterday, however, the photos of Luciano, Rodrigo, Naiara Azevedo and Bárbara only changed color, leaving netizens with a flea behind their ear.

On his social network, a comment from an internet user received a like from Boninho, director of the program, which raised even more suspicion of a possible recap. “I understood Thadeu being pulled [pelo boneco do BBB] about a possible recap. Back to Game! I wanted to”, assumed the viewer. Boninho, then, liked the statement.

Web bets on Black Room at ‘BBB 22’

Still not sure if the repechage will really happen on “BBB 22”, internet users are already mobilizing to create hypotheses. While some believe that a simple popular vote will decide who should return to the reality show, many believe that the dark puppet of the program pulling Tadeu Schmidt may indicate that a Black Room is coming.

Many remembered that the news had already been revealed by Ana Furtado’s husband even before the start of this edition of the reality show. At the time, Tadeu admitted that he got “all goosebumps” when visiting the work of the new installation of the house.

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