‘BBB 22’: Vinicius reaches 1 million followers in less than 24 hours. See celebrities who follow you!

vinicius it was the first anonymous of “BBB 22” to reach 1 million followers. The brand was hit this Saturday (15) about 16 hours after having its name revealed by Globo. Graduated in Law, the Ceará native does not think about following the profession, says he hates being poor, has worked since childhood and has already sung at funerals.

The Ceará native has already been compared to Juliette, champion of the “BBB 21”, and his followers were called “lampões”. “Do you believe this is real? Isn’t it a dream? I would arm, my people, a million little lamps overshadowing even the satellites of NASA (American space agency)”, compared the profile responsible for the influencer’s account.

“Our boy deserves a lot! The ‘pobi’ will be crazy if he hears about it (laughs)… Here’s our special thanks to each one of you!”, he completed using the tag “turn on your light”. As part of the program, the native of Ceará will meet Slovenia, elected miss by Pernambuco, and actors and singers Tiago Abravanel and Arthur Aguiar.

‘BBB 22’: Vinicius is already followed by celebrities

Before the reality show begins, the influencer has a number of celebrities among his followers. Like Klara Castanho, Gabi Martins, Anitta, Cleo and Jessica Costa. Former “BBB” contestants also follow him. This is the case of Gil do Vigor and Camilla de Lucas.

Responsible for Tiago’s profile, he also started to follow the Ceará native, who 16 hours ago celebrated 100,000 followers. And speaking of Silvio Santos’ grandson, the artist won the support of Aunt Patricia Abravanel after criticizing the presenter for a comment classified as homophobic on a TV show.

The influencer, on the other hand, played with Anitta by imitating the funkeira pose in the “Girl from Rio” clip. “Anitta ‘mulhé’, let me be the one from Girl From Ceará?”, shot the brother, who on his social network posted a series of videos to the confinement since September 7, 2020.

At ‘BBB 22’, Naiara Azevedo receives attack for political reasons

While Vinicius accumulates followers, the country singer for more than 10 years in her artistic career has already faced rejection from some internet users due to political positioning. Twitter users have stated that they want the artist eliminated as soon as possible.

“I don’t even want to root for her” and “I already want a crowd to eliminate” were some of the comments left on the microblog. “Guys, hadn’t Naiara Azevedo already explained that she was at that event with Bolsonaro to defend the rights of artists and not because she’s bolsominion?”, asked an internet user.

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