BBB 22: “To stick with me you have to be crazy”, guarantees Eliezer, fourth confirmed on reality

Eliezer, is 31 years old and is from Volta Redonda, in Rio de Janeiro. A designer by training, he has been a partner in a Marketing and Branding agency for ten years. He started working helping his father in a cafeteria, at age 14.

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Then, he got an internship at a magazine where he went through all areas, including layout and photo editing. At 18, he was already financially independent. After college, pursuing the dream of publishing an international article, he went to Europe for the first time and, at that time, discovered that he loved to travel.

Cultivates an adventurous spirit and loves being in contact with nature and visiting exotic places. He also likes to cook a lot. He says he has a strong opinion and is very loyal to the people he loves. At BBB, he will seek to exercise patience to maintain good group coexistence. “To stick with me, you have to be crazy”, warns him, who has already had unusual experiences such as being adrift in the Asian sea and being attacked by monkeys in Thailand. He believes that BBB is a game about character and that injustice can be a problem in confinement.

With the fruits of ‘Big Brother Brasil’, Eliezer wants to repay his grandmother for everything she has done for him. And it’s good to have a lot of courage to achieve your goals.

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