BBB 22: "To argue with me it’s good to come with water and a stool", says Vinicius, 11th confirmed in reality

Vinicius is 23 years old and was born in Crato, Ceará. She lives with her father, maternal grandmother and aunt in a family boarding house. Since childhood, he’s been a mess; he was always on the school board for mischief. Despite this, he was always very dedicated and got high grades. From a very young age, he turned to help around the house: he sold sweets, worked as a private teacher, public school monitor and even a wake singer. He holds a degree in Law, but does not intend to be a lawyer. She works at her family’s restaurant and makes videos to earn extra income on social media. He says he uses sad stories to make humor.

Vinicius thinks fast and has an answer for everything: “To argue with me, it’s good to come with water and a stool, because I don’t bend over”, he comments. It bothers you when lies are told about you. Make it clear that you don’t like freshness and don’t put up with arrogant people. He likes to move good things, but if he needs to, he moves the bad ones too: “I’m not a gossiper, I’m a consumer of gossip”, he says. He says he has an adventurous spirit, appreciates the new and is not afraid of anything. competitive as it is in life outside.

His main objective at ‘Big Brother Brasil’ is to earn R$ 1.5 million. “Resistance is living with a minimum wage for a month, the rest is easy”, he observes.

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