‘BBB 22’: Tadeu Schmidt delivers professions from anonymous and famous participants. Spoiler!

The “Big Brother Brasil 22” is about to start and more and more the production of the reality show has been giving clues as to who will be confined to the program. This Sunday (09), Tadeu Schmidt, the attraction’s new presenter, appeared in a video on “Fantástico” giving some more spoilers. And one of them made it clear, according to investigations by internet users who follow the program, that Jade Picon is one of the guests at the Camarote.

In the images, Tiago Leifert’s replacement appears talking about professions and delivering some quirks of the new brothers. “In ‘BBB 22’ there are people from Minas, Ceará, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Paraíba, among other states. There are professors, medical students, public relations, influencers, actors”, he enumerated.

Thaddeus continued talking trivia about some participants. “There’s one who couldn’t stand to live with friends because he couldn’t stand sharing a house with rowdies.” “This one will have an easy life on ‘BBB’. It will be refreshing for him,” he joked. “Some people get into classical ballet. There are others who prefer circus. Some people have the habit of pressing the flush button with their foot. And there are people who say they only eat junk food in the street, hidden from their family. But this person here he won’t eat junk food because if there’s something it won’t be there, it’s hidden.

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