BBB 22: Tadeu Schmidt asks Internet users to comment on participants

Always showing a lot of excitement for the new season of Big Brother Brasil, the new reality show host, Thaddeus Schmidt, used his Instagram this afternoon to share a video asking the public to comment on what they thought of the new participants in this edition.

The names of the brothers of the “BBB 22” will be announced during the intervals of programming on TV Globo this Friday (14/01). According to Tadeu, the first participant to be announced will be during the interval of the soap opera “O Cravo e a Rosa”, which starts at 2:40 pm.

“It’s to spend the day glued to the television and commenting all day. As soon as a name comes out, I want to see your comment here, like: ‘Oh, I know so-and-so, I liked Beltran, Cyclano is going to be a problem, this one it’s cool, I didn’t like that one, that one is going to be champion’. Today we are together”, vibrated the presenter.

At the beginning of December, Schmidt went to the BBB’s house to follow the renovation that was taking place for the new edition. “Look who came to visit the work on the house. Tadeu is ready to work”, said director Boninho in a video recorded for his Instagram.

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