BBB 22: Rodrigo, ninth confirmed in reality, says he likes "ballad, party and hookup"

Rodrigo is 36 years old and is from São José dos Campos, in the interior of São Paulo. Graduated in Business Administration, he works as a commercial manager. At the age of 18 he went to live alone and has already lived in Australia.

He stayed abroad for three years and worked as a bricklayer, model and soccer player at the university, where he took a postgraduate course in Marketing. In 2017 he returned to Brazil to start from scratch. He entered the pharmaceutical industry, and as he stood out, he was called to be a multinational manager. He is proud of his life story and of having conquered everything by himself. “I wake up every day to get it right, I don’t have a choice to get it wrong.”

Single and without children, he says he is in the best phase of his life. He says he likes clubbing, partying and making out. Love your freedom; knows more than 33 countries. “I am not a passive person. People out here love me or hate me. I have never been beaten in this life”, he observes. Organized and methodical, living at the BBB can weigh on Rodrigo due to his quirks: he has difficulty sleeping with noise and wakes up in a bad mood when he doesn’t have a peaceful night’s sleep. In addition, he is bothered by the lack of organization.

Rodrigo sees ‘Big Brother Brasil’ as his biggest challenge. In reality, he says he intends to face his fears. Strategist, he likes to excel in everything he does and is fueled by competition. “I’m smart, I speak well, I study and I read people. Without competition, my life doesn’t work”, he highlights.

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