‘BBB 22’: Paulo André may lose Bolsa Atleta for entering reality. Know benefit value!

As controversies around the “BBB 22” also hit the sprinter Paulo André Camilo, who deleted controversial posts on social networks on the eve of being announced on the reality show. The athlete may lose the Bolsa Atleta Capixaba, a benefit distributed by the Secretary of Sports and Leisure of the Government of Espírito Santo, for participating in the reality. In the attraction he will dispute the R$ 1.5 million with Naiara Azevedo, attacked on the web for political positioning, and 18 other participants such as Miss Slovenia.

Since 2021, São Paulo has received the amount for the state to which he moved as a child. The information is from the “ge” portal. According to the report, Paulo André receives R$ 2,000 per month, the second highest amount given by the Secretariat for being an international athlete. At the same time, the sprinter remains connected to Esporte Clube Pinheiros (in São Paulo) and receives sponsorship of sports equipment from a brand.

If he does not lose the benefit, the athlete may be cautioned or suspended. Sesport (Secretariat of State for Sports) will make the decision together with the State Attorney General’s Office.

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Understand the controversy surrounding Paulo André, from ‘BBB 22’

If he is one of the finalists, the paulista will leave the reality only in April. That is, I would miss training for about three months. And attendance at training is mandatory for any athlete to be awarded the scholarship paid by the state. The exception is when the athlete has just cause.

The suspension of payment can last for a month and if the offender is punished again, he will lose the benefit. In any case, however, the athlete may defend himself within five working days of receiving the notification.

This scholarship amount can be used to pay for food, physical therapy, transport in the city itself, purchase of sports equipment or medical/dental assistance.

Patricia Abravanel will cheer for Tiago at ‘BBB 22’ after controversy

In 2021, Silvio Santos’ daughter was criticized by her nephew for a homophobic comment said during “Vem Pra Cá”, a program that she then conducted on the mornings of SBT – currently, the attraction is in the afternoon range and no longer has Patricia. Upon learning that Tiago Abravanel is in the cast, the artist said that her supporters go to him.

And he revealed that he didn’t even know the day/time of the reality show premiered in 2002. “I can’t believe it!! How brave! I’ve never watched a ‘BBB’ now I’ll have to watch it! I don’t even know what day goes by!”, shot the sister of Cynthia Abravanel, mother of Tiago, actor and singer who makes a dream come true by competing for the attraction.

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