BBB 22: "Once I get into a fight, it’s hard to get out", says Douglas Silva, 17th participant of the reality

Actor Douglas Silva is 33 years old and was born in Rio de Janeiro. He became known for the character Dadinho, in his childhood, in the movie “City of God” – a feature that received four Oscar nominations in 2004.

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The actor also gained notoriety for playing Acerola in the series ‘City of Men’, a work that earned him an International Emmy nomination and which was later adapted for film. On TV Globo, he also played roles in ‘Caminho das Índias’, ‘Amor de Mãe’ and was part of the cast of ‘Esquenta!’ and ‘Divertics’. In cinema, he was also shown in “Última Parada 174”, “Malasartes e o Duelo com a Morte”, “The Best Things in the World” among others.

Douglas says he is “people like us”. He considers himself a fun, high-spirited and helpful guy. Raised in Complexo da Maré, by his mother and grandmother, he says that he had a happy childhood despite the difficulties. Married for 13 years, he has two daughters and says that his decisions are always made with his family in mind. Precisely for this reason, he accepted the invitation to participate in the reality show.

At the BBB, conflict situations can get you out of your mind: “I value peace, I hate to argue, but after I enter [em uma briga], it’s hard to leave”, analyzes he, who says he likes to give an opinion. The actor also mentions his main objective when he enters the house: “I go to compete, to play, obviously, without belittling anyone because it is not my nature”.

For Douglas, Big Brother Brasil is, in fact, a chance to win the prize of R$ 1.5 million to fulfill his family’s dreams: “Every opportunity we have to take another step and improve our family we should grab it”.

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