BBB 22: "Nothing in my life was easy", says Natália, tenth confirmed in the reality

Natália, from Minas Gerais, is 22 years old and lives in Belo Horizonte. Model and nail designer, she started working at the age of 9 and has never stopped. During the pandemic, she returned to work with her mother at the beauty salon, but her big dream is to be an actress.

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She considers herself a “born Capricorn” and says she is very proud of the independent woman she has become. “I am 22 years old and I have experienced many things that a 30-year-old woman has not. Nothing in my life was easy, it was always difficult, but in the end it worked”. He says it took him a while to understand who he was, but today he has good self-esteem.

He says he is an observant person and says he takes a stand whenever he needs to, especially in situations that he considers disrespectful. He likes to discover new places and loves samba and funk. Leadership and power are things he likes to have. Since the age of 18, he has signed up to participate in the BBB and now he is going to make that dream come true. In the game she says she does the competitive style and says that nothing can intimidate her. Single, she says that she is “running the cattle”. He is not looking for a relationship for now, but he is allowing himself to meet people.

‘Big Brother Brasil’, for Natália, is a golden opportunity that, according to her, can change her life and that of her family. “I will fight until the end with all my strength to win this award”, he says.

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