‘BBB 22’: Naiara Azevedo is attacked on the web for political positioning. ‘Mutirão to eliminate’

THE Naiara Azevedo’s political position, confirmed not “BBB 22“, already split the web, as happened with Laís, the doctor who worked on the front line in the fight against Covid. The singer will compete for R$ 1.5 million on the reality show alongside Tiago Abravanel, who won support from Aunt Patricia Abravanel, and other celebrities such as Pedro Scooby and Arthur Aguiar.

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Some posts rescued on the web refer to the interpreter of “50 Reais” refer to the sertaneja as “bolsominion”, a pejorative term used to supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro. In one of the publications, Naiara mentions the accident that cost former president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva one of his fingers. On social media, netizens were already divided.

“Linn da Quebrada lulista and Naiara Azevedo bolsominion, I’m ready for the clash”, fired a Twitter user changing his profile name for the reality one. “Whoever gives the first political seal to bolsominion Naiara Azevedo already has my support until the end”, cheered a second.

“Guys, hadn’t Naiara Azevedo already explained that she was at that event with Bolsonaro to defend the rights of artists and not because he’s bolsominion?”, asked a third. Another user claimed to hate Naiara as a person.

Naiara Azevedo, from ‘BBB 22’, wins fans against

Also on the networks, a number of netizens showed that they will have no patience with the artist, who defined herself as “dangerous” and who will find athlete Paulo André in confinement, who even deleted controversial posts on the web.

“Could be the first to leave,” one fired. “I already want a crowd to eliminate”, provoked another. “My support will never be,” added a third. There were even those who classified the singer of bad character. “I don’t even want to root for her”, poked another one. See some posts below!

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