‘BBB 22’: Naiara Azevedo comments confirmation of participation in the reality show

Naiara Azevedo went to social media to comment on the news that she would have been confirmed to be part of the ‘BBB 22’ box. in a good mood, the singer tried to explain that the news would be false.

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The information that Naiara would be on Globo’s reality show was released by columnist Leo Dias, this Friday (19). In Stories, from Instagram, Naiara told the truth.

“I just saw here the most absurd news I could have ever read in my life. The only thing I have confirmed to pass on to you is my concert schedule for December, January, February and March, which is full, it’s full In fact, we even have the possibility of a tour outside Brazil in February. So, ‘BBB’ won’t happen.”

“I want to thank the affection of the people who said, ‘Oh that’s cool Naiara, you’re going to join the BBB’. No. I’ll be out here like you guys, enjoying it, giving it a shot, voting. And that’s it”.

Recently, the name of Naiara Azevedo was also popular after her participation in Marília Mendonça’s tribute. At the time, fans questioned the singer’s posture.

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