‘BBB 22’: Maria, actress of ‘Amor de Mãe’, has already performed at Rock In Rio and warns that she is mocked

To list two participants “BBB 22” it’s almost complete, all that’s left now is to close the Camarote team. And, after Brunna Gonçalves made room for the women of the group, now it’s time to Maria, 21-year-old actress and singer born and raised in Cidade Alta, North Zone of Rio, which gained greater notoriety by giving life to Verena in “Mother’s Love”.

Maria, in fact, is called Vitória, and she started to sing for real when she joined the Poesia Acústica project, which today brings together names from funk, rap and other musical styles. Even so young, she already has songs with millions of views on the networks, especially because the lyrics of her songs often talk about female empowerment and overcoming. It does not stop there. Maria already even performed at Rock in Rio, taking the stage in the 2019 edition.

Regarding the game, Maria promises to give something to talk about, as she wants to make up for lost time in the pandemic and live intensely in the program. “I’m free!”, highlighted the actress, who is also a vegetarian, and hates food waste. “I gain only in debauchery, in patience“, he added.

‘BBB 22’: Maria may have had a photo of her hand released by Boninho

Although there are no confirmations, netizens highlighted that one of the hands photographed and disclosed in one of Boninho’s spoilers may be Maria’s. The singer already has more than a million followers on social media and no one had ever suggested her name before, so it would be impossible to associate the artist with spoilers on her hands. But now, of course, the scenario is different.

‘BBB 22’: Participants are being compared to ex-BBBs

While the boxes are still being announced, there are already people comparing many of the Pipoca team participants with ex-BBBs. Slovenia, for example, would have similarities with the winner of the last edition, Juliette Freire. Jessilane was compared to Gleici Damasceno, another who won the top prize in the reality show, while Vinícius would be a younger version of Gil do Vigor.

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