BBB 22: Laís is the first confirmed on the reality show; doctor is from Goiás

Born in Crixás, in Goiás, lais She is a doctor and is 30 years old. He works in general practice, currently on the front line against covid-19, and is finishing his specialization in Dermatology.

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He works as an on-call worker in a hospital and says that the pandemic was the most difficult period of his life. He had a typical country childhood, playing in the fields, climbing trees. She is passionate about animals and has adopted all kinds of animals. He left his hometown at age 14 to attend high school in Goiânia. Later, he went to João Pessoa, in Paraíba, to study medicine. After graduating, she returned to Crixás, where she lives with her family.

He describes himself as a fun and intuitive person. She says that she has sometimes been judged as stuck-up due to her appearance, which she denies being. She says she is spiteful and hates injustice and lies: “I’m a Scorpio. I throw myself into everything, I don’t go in to lose”, he reveals about the intense way.

A delivery that makes friends with everyone, but has a sharp tongue: “Everything turns into gossip in my life, I’m from the countryside, I love talking about other people’s lives”. Single and arriving at a party, she says she’s enjoying the phase without getting attached. However, he does not rule out the possibility of falling in love with reality.

In ‘Big Brother Brasil’, Laís wants the prize to invest in her career, buy a farm and help strays. “I want to achieve personal and professional growth. Wherever I go, I leave a huge mark. I’m going in to leave with R$ 1.5 million in my account.”

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