‘BBB 22’: Influencer with 20 million followers, Jade Picon wants to get out of the comfort zone in reality

The cast of “BBB 22” gains a strong reinforcement with the confirmation of Jade Picon in the cast. At just 20 years old, the young woman has established herself as one of the main digital influencers in Brazil, with more than 20 million followers.. In her personal life, she collects controversies in her love life, such as an alleged betrayal of her ex-boyfriend João Guilherme. In recent days, the influencer has been in the news by depositing the same amount of the prize in the account of her brother, Leo Picon.

Jade guarantees that she is sincere and likes to talk to dot the ‘is’. She defines herself as someone who is disciplined and who loves a challenge. The reality show would be her big opportunity to step out of her comfort zone. “I’m looking at BBB as a trip outside my bubble, unlike any other I’ve ever done. And look, I’ve traveled a lot”, he boasted. To ensure a good performance in the nets, the girl hired the same team as Juliette.

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Among several names spoken in the famous pre-reality lists, Pedro Scooby was one of the names previously announced and confirmed in “BBB 22”. The 33-year-old surfer gained fame thanks to his relationship with Luana Piovani. The surfer has also dated Anitta and is now married to Cintia Dicker.

Another announced was Arthur Aguiar. The singer, who was also on previous lists, was the first confirmed in “Camarote”. The artist, who lives a relationship with Mayra Cardi, said that “BBB” is an opportunity to start over.

Brunna Gonçalves, wife of Ludmilla, wants to show a side that the public still doesn’t know. In her presentation, the dancer explained that people associate her image a lot with the woman. In reality, the young woman wants to prove her own personality.

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