BBB 22: "I want to age with quality of life”, says Lucas, the sixth confirmed on the reality show

Lucas is 31 years old, was born in Serra, Espírito Santo, but currently lives in Vila Velha. He graduated in engineering because of his father, but is currently studying Medicine and says he intends to continue in the field of nutrology.

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He is an only child and confesses to being spoiled, but he does not think he is selfish. He started producing videos for social networks and ended up being successful on the internet. He did an exchange program in Malta and is now studying full-time; the mother helps him financially. He likes sports and wakes up early: “I want to age with quality of life”, he says. He says he’s a guy who falls in love easily, but he doesn’t intend to get involved with anyone right now.

He claims that he has a high spirits and light manner and that he cannot stand people who do not know how to talk. For him, the worst moment in the game will be having to point someone to the wall. He reveals that his mother considers him greedy, and highlights that this can be a point of attention in confinement. He does not hide the joy of being in the Pipoca team of BBB 22 and remembers that, since the beginning of the selection, he felt that he would enter the house.

In ‘Big Brother Brasil’, Lucas is willing to dedicate himself to the game and the competitions: “The best moments of my life are when I’m competing”, he emphasizes.

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