BBB 22: "I want everything, except to go out as a plant”, says Jessilane, Pipoca’s third confirmed on the reality show

Biology teacher Jessilane, 26, is from Bahia, but has lived in Valparaíso de Goiás, Goiás, since the first days of her life. He always had the desire to help with the household bills and, therefore, his first formal job was when he was 14 years old.

He never gave up his studies. Already graduated, she learned Libras to be able to teach deaf students and, currently, she has a postgraduate degree in sign language and is studying to be an interpreter. To supplement her income, she teaches as a private teacher and, on weekends, helps her mother in a beauty salon. He is very proud of the academic career he has followed.

Jessilane considers herself playful, but knows how to be firm when necessary. She says that she usually gets closer to the people she just met than the friends who introduced them, and that everyone classifies her as an “enemy of the end”. Loves ballad. He intends to jump headfirst into the BBB experience: “I want everything, except to leave the program like a plant”. He says that, despite avoiding arguments, he jumps down when he comes face to face with some prejudiced attitude.

In ‘Big Brother Brasil’, among the many dreams that Jessilane intends to fulfill, is to be able to buy a beauty salon for her mother, after participating in the reality show.

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