BBB 22: "I fought for everything alone in life", says Slovenia, fifth confirmed in reality

Slovenia is 25 years old, was born in João Pessoa, Paraíba, but lives in Caruaru, Pernambuco. He says his father was inspired by the division of Yugoslavia when choosing his name. In her home, she is known as Duda.

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A Marketing student, she currently works with a digital influencer and talks about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, but she went to Physics College – she was the only woman in her class – and almost graduated. She lives with her parents and is very grateful for the education she received. He interrupted his graduation when he won Miss Pernambuco in 2018 and began to envision a new career, focused on the internet. In the same year, she participated in Miss Brazil and won the title of best oratory of the contest.

She says she has a strong personality and hot blood, and says she’s a fight when necessary, as well as stubborn and righteous. Single, she says she doesn’t lack option, but quality. He claims to be very competitive and says he will run after the prize. “I’m even ashamed to say how competitive I am. I fought for everything alone in life. I create goals and go after them. But I know that what will define whether I deserve R$ 1.5 million are my attitudes”. He adds that he is calculating and strategizing for everything, but at the same time he is sentimental. “This lack of balance makes me who I am,” he reveals.

For her, ‘Big Brother Brasil’ will be fun; want to dance and flirt. In the game of coexistence, he believes that the many versions of himself are an asset.

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