BBB 22: "I feel ready for the game", guarantees Jade Picon, 16th participant of the reality

The digital influencer and entrepreneur Jade Picon is 20 years old and was born in the city of São Paulo, where he lives today. Internet celebrity, started at age 9 in the middle; he has done photo shoots, commercials and advertisements.

It currently has more than 20 million followers on its social media accounts, with whom it shares content on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, music, family, travel, among other topics. Known for betting on creative looks that she shares with her fans, she has her own clothing brand.

She is not the only one in her family to have a public life, as her brother is also a content creator. Single, says she is selective in the relationship aspect. She doesn’t consider herself a “taker”, but very lively.

In contact with other people, he says he likes to talk and, with his sincerity, prefers to leave everything well resolved. She perceives herself as a curious and stubborn young woman and says she always seeks balance. She also highlights her energy to dive into the game that is BBB. “I like a challenge, I’m a disciplined person and I feel ready for the BBB game”. He stresses that it was never canceled on the internet and hopes not to be now.

For Jade, Big Brother Brasil is an opportunity to get out of her comfort zone: “I’m looking at BBB as a trip outside my bubble, unlike any other I’ve ever done. And it looks like I’ve traveled a lot”, he emphasizes.

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