BBB 22: “I am a guy who likes to live”, guarantees Pedro Scooby, 12th participant in the reality

the surfer Pedro Scooby is 33 years old and is from Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the city he is passionate about. He got the nickname Scooby because of his resemblance to the cartoon character. “Scooby Doo”.

Started in the sport at the age of 5, he is a fan of free surfing and one of the main names in the big waves in the world. Father of three, he is married and travels the world looking for challenges in his favorite place, the sea.

He was elected by a magazine as the best freesurfer of 2012 and, in the same year, he won the award for best tube, for a historic swell in Tahiti, in another award. Also in 2012, he participated in the reality ‘On the Waves’, displayed in ‘Spectacular sport’. And in 2014, he won a series on the channel OFF, call ‘Pedro Goes To The Sea’, in which he shows his travel routine, adventures and a lot of surfing.

Used to facing great challenges, Scooby believes that the most important thing is to have his feet on the ground, love in his heart and be surrounded by people who love him. In Big Brother Brasil, as in life, he says he won’t take the competitive spirit. “I’m a guy who likes to live,” he says. Accustomed to freedom, the limits of confinement can bother you. But the parties will be moments of great fun for him, who says he’s a night out and says he likes to enjoy it.

For Scooby, Big Brother Brasil is a chance to enjoy an experience unlike anything he’s ever done. And he makes it clear that he does not intend to compete: “It is a personal relationship there, not a race that, when it is over, everyone goes their own way”.

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