‘BBB 22’ has first confirmed! Find out which country singer will be in the Camarote

Naiara Azevedo is the first confirmed from the “BBB 22” Box. In the midst of Boninho’s race against time to close all the contracts with the famous Camarote and the anonymous group Pipoca, the recently separated country singer signed with Globo.

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The information comes from columnist Leo Dias, from “Metrópoles” and came from sources linked to the production of the Globo program, which will have an early premiere and various news, such as a mysterious quit button, as well as people close to the singer.

Naiara Azevedo was best known for her hit “50 reais”, with Maiara and Maraísa. The singer was also the target of recent controversy for her participation in the tribute to her sertaneja friend, Marília Mendonça, after her death earlier this month.

Boninho mocks the list of famous people quoted for the ‘BBB 22’

While Naiara Azevedo would be a right presence on the program, personalities like Lexa were the target of great speculation for the Camarote, since they are singers with a strong temperament and large fan base.

The funkeira has already spoken saying that her schedule is full, confirming the buzz that many famous people polled by Boninho have not accepted an invitation because they have appointments until Carnival 2022, as the events are back due to the mass vaccination of population.

Boninho mocked the unofficial lists that have popped up in the media. “Look at the problem they’ve given me. I’ve already taken exams with Lexa, Di Ferrero, MC Carol, Ellen Roche, Rodrigo Simas, Aline Riscado, Negra Li, Jonathan Azevedo and Ícaro Silva to do the ‘BBB 22’, and then they published that they will appear,” he said in an Instagram video.

“I spent a lot of money for nothing, because this leaked and I’ll have to change everything. At least they’re all healthy, that’s what the hospital said, or someone invented. In a little while, they’ll say I’m going to be at Big Brother Brasil. say, I will, but working,” he mocked.

‘BBB 22’ will have secret button and first test will be immunity

While the director is keen on speculations by celebrities on his show, he is in good spirits by dropping spoilers of what’s to come in the Jan. 17 premiere.

Boninho posted a video on his Instagram about the new button they are going to install in the house of “BBB 22”, which will also bring news.

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Although he has not revealed what the object’s function will be, the director even mentioned a “give up” button in the last edition of the program, whose events influenced the current manual of Globo’s advertisers’ brands.

So, fans soon began to raise the hypothesis that the new button will serve for that. “If you want to ask to go out, just go into the confessional and press a button! Of course it will be open for that from 9 am to 9 pm, because we don’t have the patience for drunks.”, said Boninho, at the time of the “BBB 21”.

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