‘BBB 22’: Globo changes date of release of the list of confirmed for the 2nd time and web reacts

The “BBB 22” caused an uproar on the web once again this Wednesday (12) after Globo announces changes in the date of disclosure of the participants of the reality show cast. Fans are eager to have confirmation from the celebrities listed for the show ahead of the January 17th premiere.

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The broadcaster had initially announced that the public would meet the participants of “BBB 22” on January 11. This week, the date was changed and until then it was believed that the names of the long-awaited cast would come this Thursday (13).

However, Patrícia Poeta announced at the “Meeting”, in which she should definitively assume the position of Fátima Bernardes, who the disclosure of the names may have been postponed, as the date will be revealed later this Wednesday (12), later. The “Pop Line” portal guarantees that the day called “Big Day”, with the revelation of the participants, will be in the first break of the soap opera “Nos Tempos do Imperador”.

Web reacts to change of disclosure date of ‘BBB 22’ participants

Fans soon began to comment on the new change, amid speculation about the entire “BBB 22” team having Covid-19, which was denied by Boninho, although he assumed “casualties”, as he defined.

“Before, the official list was going to come out on Tuesday (yesterday), then they put it on the 13th (tomorrow), but out of nowhere it comes out at the meeting where the official date will be announced today, huh, but they hadn’t already put it on Thursday? Boninho changes that, I didn’t think Globo was that amateur”, criticized a fan.

“Everyone waiting for the list to come out tomorrow and Globo comes with this one… Boninho you’re already stressing me!”, wrote a reality fan club on Twitter, displaying a meme.

“The list will no longer be released tomorrow, Globo will disclose a new date for what seems THAT ALL FOR THAT CUTE??????”, said yet another internet user.

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