‘BBB 22’: external area of ​​the house is visible in video by Boninho and web critics. ‘Enemy of decoration’

Public reacts to the new decoration of the ‘BBB 22’ house: ‘Parque da Xuxa’

It was not possible to see anything from the internal area of ​​the house, which promises to have only a shower, but the colors of the garden have already satiated the public’s curiosity enough for the trials to begin. “It looks like a Teletubbies scenario,” wrote a netizen on social media, citing a children’s cartoon.

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“Something like Patati and Patatá”, added another, agreeing with the childish idea. “It looks like the SpongeBob scenario”, opined another. “A mixture of Xuxa park with bikini slit”, wrote a fourth internet user.

The critics also left the children’s environment and evaluated that TV Globo would have economized in the choice of items. “Enemy of decoration,” said one. “Saved”, said another. “‘BBB’ from ‘Round 6′”, evaluated another, remembering the Netflix series that shows bloody competition amidst children’s scenarios. “Casa Kalimann 0.2”, said another, citing Rafa Kalimann’s previous program, which was heavily criticized at the time.

‘BBB 22’: Globo admits that three participants have Covid

In addition to the decoration, the public has been irritated by the delay in the announcement of the cast of the new edition. TV Globo explained, this Wednesday (12), that three participants contracted Covid while still at the hotel, so the security protocol became even stricter. There has been no confirmation, however, that the delay in the announcement had anything to do with the illness.

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