‘BBB 22’: Confirmed! Naiara Azevedo defines herself as ‘uncontrolled’ and ‘dangerous’ and wants to be loved by the human being she is.

He finished! Naiara Azevedo is the last name confirmed in the “Camarote” of “BBB 22” and completes the list of 20 participants of the most watched house in Brazil. The country singer gained national fame thanks to the hit “50 Reais”.

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The star defined herself as a high-spirited person, but it can also be dangerous, uncontrolled and explosive. Despite this, she confesses: “I want to be loved not only for the songs I make, but for the human being that I am”.

Naiara arrived at denying participation and said he had a full concert schedule until March. In recent days, he promoted a secret farewell party for his closest friends and attracted the attention of the press.


Among several names spoken in the famous pre-reality lists, Pedro Scooby was one of the names previously announced and confirmed in “BBB 22”. The 33-year-old surfer gained fame thanks to his relationship with Luana Piovani. The surfer has also dated Anitta and is now married to Cintia Dicker. Another announced was Arthur Aguiar. The singer, who was also on previous lists, was the first confirmed in “Camarote”. The artist, who lives a relationship with Mayra Cardi, said that “BBB” is an opportunity to start over.

Brunna Gonçalves, Ludmilla’s wife, wants to show the public a side that the public still doesn’t know. In her presentation, the dancer explained that people associate her image a lot with the woman. In reality, the young woman wants to prove her own personality. Who already collects controversy even before the start of the game is Paulo André Camilo. A sprinter featured at the Tokyo Olympics, he was massacred on social media because of problematic lines from the past.

Directly from the soap opera “Amor de Mãe”, Maria Andrade is another member of the reality. Actress and singer, the young woman already has a participation in “Rock in Rio” in 2019 and promises a lot of debauchery in the most watched house in Brazil. Jade Picon, influencer with 20 million followers, wants to venture outside her own bubble and promises to be a person open to dialogue. Actor Douglas Silva, who shone in “City of God” and “City of Men”, is also on the list of famous. The boy promises to help the family if he wins the millionaire prize.

Listed in recent weeks, Linn da Quebrada is, in fact, confined to “BBB 22”. A renowned singer and actress, she was already a fan of the reality show and promised that she will enjoy the parties and the resistance tests. Finally, singer and actor Tiago Abravanel: a card-carrying fan of the show, he wants to live intensely without forgetting about the game.

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