BBB 22: Brunna Gonçalves, 13th participant in the reality show, says she hates losing: "I just look like a barbie"

Dancer and digital influencer Brunna Gonçalves is 30 years old and was born in Nilópolis, Rio de Janeiro. He started dancing at the age of 15 and came to live in the United States to live off his art.

Since 2015, she has been producing content for social networks, mainly related to beauty issues. She is part of the ballet corps of the singer Ludmilla, with whom she is married. He says he never imagined he would get married, but since he saw his wife, he knew it would be with her.

He says he had few opportunities in his life, but he took them with great willingness: “Nobody takes my focus away”, he says. Not afraid to venture out, he accepted the invitation to be part of the cast of Big Brother Brasil without blinking an eye. BBBmaniac, says she is addicted to reality: “I don’t sleep, I’m the one who sees people sleeping”, she tells about her experience as a spectator.

Brunna has already been to the BBB’s house for work, during Ludmilla’s show for the brothers. Now, on the other side, the participant is anxious to get to know the new house, where she will live for some time.

For Brunna, Big Brother Brasil is the realization of a dream of hers – and her mother’s. He declares that he is arriving with blood in his eyes; wants the prize of R$ 1.5 million. “I just look like a barbie, but when it comes to competition… I hate to lose”, she says.

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