BBB 22: Barbara, the seventh confirmed in reality, defines herself as "weepy and explosive"

Gaucho from Novo Hamburgo, Barbarian is 29 years old and lives between his hometown and São Paulo, but he always says he is traveling for work. Graduated in Public Relations, she also works as a model and digital influencer.

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She always sought her financial independence and started working at age 16 so she wouldn’t have to ask her parents for more money. She claims that her appearance makes people think of her as “preppy”, but, in her opinion, she is not the type.

With a good-natured spirit, he promises a lot of fun at parties, but confesses that he likes to sleep for a few minutes during the party to come back feeling refreshed. She says she’s a great competitor and considers herself an empathetic and easy-going person, as long as they don’t step on her toes. She also confesses to being messy and not liking housework.

He loves to study human behavior and is doing a postgraduate degree in Neuroscience. “The stereotype made me want to study so that people wouldn’t have anything to say about me,” he says. She has some dietary restrictions that, according to her, can bother other participants. She also says that she is a crybaby and explosive. It reveals that to be your friend, you have to play together.

‘Big Brother Brasil’, for Bárbara, is a childhood dream. He believes that to win you need to be authentic and not be afraid to play. “Injustice and lies make me mad, if someone doesn’t like something, that’s bad for him. But if you make up a story about me, I will get annoyed”, he adds.

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