‘BBB 22’: 1st participant is a doctor who worked on the front line of the fight against Covid. Find out details!

THE “BBB 22” finally began to release the long-awaited list with the names of the participants of the edition. After making a long suspense, TV Globo confirmed that the first contestant is Laís, a 30-year-old doctor who works in general practice and was on the front line in the fight against Covid. Currently, the girl, who is from Crixás, Goiás, is studying to specialize in the field of dermatology.

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About the game, Laís admits that, since he is going to enter, he will enter to win. “I’m a Scorpio. I throw myself into everything”, guarantees the doctor, who says she makes friends with everyone, but has a loose tongue: “Everything turns into gossip in my life, I’m from the countryside, I love talking about the lives of others” , warned the popcorn, which has more than 20 thousand followers on social networks.

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Single and partying, Laís also explains that she won’t enter the game with the intention of getting attached, but if there’s passion, why not? Excited, Laís will be part of the Pipoca team, and hopes to show, in the first week, that her focus is to win over the public. “I’m very happy,” explained the Goiana, who wants to invest in her career, buy a farm and help the animals if she gets the prize. “Achieving personal and professional growth. Wherever I go, I leave a very big mark”, he explained.

It is worth remembering that Laís’ name was not on the leaked list of participants, because it is an anonymous participant. It was not clear, in fact, if she was one of the three confined in the hotel who came to contract Covid about a week before the premiere.

‘BBB 22’: Boninho revealed the hands of participants before the announcement of the cast

Two days before the list was released, Boninho, director of the attraction, gave a heavy spoiler: he showed the hand of some of the participants who will be in the cast of the program, without revealing who was behind each image. There were those who recognized Tiago Abravanel’s hand in one of the photos, but there was no confirmation that the fingers were, in fact, the grandson of Silvio Santos.

‘BBB 22’: pre-confinement in a hotel in Rio prevents cell phones and contact with other people

According to former participants of other editions, the pre-confinement of “BBB” has been maintained since the first season of the program. The entire cast is placed in a hotel in Rio, they are installed in separate rooms and are prohibited from going out or talking to anyone. The time is at least five days.

In 2022, Globo would have increased the care and security scheme to avoid leaking names, especially famous ones. Cell phones, which were no longer allowed, continue to be confiscated.

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