Batulkova made Prachar the public oven … And he returned it to her immediately

Mariana Pracharova together and mom Dana Batulkova (63) invented a proper shed, thanks to which Prachař looks like a nouma! They called him directly to shoot, where there is not only a jury and competitors, but also the entire crew and, of course, a full audience. What’s more, they let the pre-arranged interview out loud throughout the hall!

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“Kubíček, hello, my mother is here, I’m calling the way you are, he promised to call me every night and nothing, so I’m just the way you are in Slovakia, I wish you have a terrible heat there, drink so much and when you’re done, so call me, I’ll wait, so I’ll send a kiss and Dad, “ Batulkova said from the speakers, a wave of laughter not long in coming. “How old are you,” she said of Prachar soon Diana Mórová.

The obviously surprised Prachar, however, did not let himself be distracted and said: “It is so always that she does not listen, I wanted to answer her, but only she always speaks. About her problems, about what she did, and that’s why I don’t call her, because she will never let me finish, “Jakub explained and added apologetically: “I lived with her for a while now and she probably mistaken me for her husband. She solves everything with me, for the sixth time I choose with her what bed to buy and I tell her to buy what you want, because I don’t sleep in that bed with you, “Prachar laughed at her.

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