"Battle of the reality stars": Martin Wernicke explains Jan beef

Martin Wernicke comments on the fight of reality stars Zoff with Jan Leyk (37)! At Berlin – Day & Night, the two were still together in front of the camera. A reunion eventually took place on the reality TV show. But that went very differently than initially suspected: Because Martin accused his former co-star of being manipulative in a conversation, he jumped out of his skin. in the celebrity flash-Interview he tried the argument with Jan now to explain.

He still perceived the mood on the day of his arrival at “Battle of the Reality Stars” as relatively relaxed – but he noticed the formation of small groups directly, how Martin celebrity flash reported. But how did the argument come about? Jan? “I’m a person who doesn’t like injustice. And as such, I try to mediate in situations where it seems possible to me.”, explained the Berliner. Apart from that, however, he kept his distance: “In principle, I looked at the quarrels from a certain distance, but I still found out from those involved what had happened.”

He was initially positive about his ex-colleague. “Of course I was happy Jan to see again It’s been a long time since we last met.”stressed Martin and assured: He had moved into the sala with complete impartiality and didn’t know who he would meet there.

“Battle of the Reality Stars”, from April 13, 2022, every Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. on RTLZWEI and on Saturdays in advance in the preview RTL+

"Berlin – Day & Night"-Darteller Martin Wernicke

Instagram / martin.wernicke.official

“Berlin – Day & Night”-Darteller Martin Wernicke
Jan Leyk, actor
Martin Wernicke, "Berlin - Day & Night" star

Instagram / martin.wernicke.official

Martin Wernicke, “Berlin – Day & Night” star

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