"Battle of the reality stars"-Exit: That’s why Paco didn’t have a voice

What was going on in Battle of the Reality Stars? In the past week, two celebrities had to leave the Sala again. It hit the ex-BTN actor Jan Leyk (37) and the former summer house candidate Sissi Hofbauer (26). The decision was made by the newcomers Martin Wernicke, Larissa Neumann and Paco Herb. Or maybe not? Namely, the Love Island winner 2021 abstained: But why didn’t Paco cast a vote?

The hottie now explained that to her celebrity flash: “We had several talks and I was constantly against the decision.” Paco has always emphasized that he does not agree with throwing out Benjamin Melzer’s fiancee. “I never wanted that Sissy who leaves Sala because I liked her from the start”, he explained. Also Larissa said that it was not easy to come to a common denominator with the three of them.

“Find someone with whom all three are satisfied. Then you just go quite fairly according to the majority principle.”read Larissa’s simple explanation in conversation with celebrity flash. But why did she vote for the otherwise popular candidate? Sissy? “I just picked the person I vibed with the least,” she revealed candidly. It is difficult to be able to give an assessment after only 24 hours.

“Battle of the Reality Stars”, from April 13, 2022, every Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. on RTLZWEI and on Saturdays in advance in the preview on RTL+.

Sissi Hofbauer at “Battle of the Reality Stars” 2022
the "Germany's Next Topmodel"-Candidate Larissa

Instagram / larissa.gntm2020.official

The “Germany’s next top model” candidate Larissa
Sissi Hofbauer, "Battle of the Reality Stars" candidate 2022

Instagram / sissimariehofbauer

Sissi Hofbauer, “Battle of the Reality Stars” candidate 2022

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