"Battle of the reality stars"-Drama: Sissi Hofbauer reports!

Jan Leyks (37) Exit at Kampf der Realitystars still had a violent aftermath! In the fifth episode of the reality TV format, the celebrities chose the former Berlin – Day & Night actor. Beforehand he had Jakic Twins (25) verbally attacked during a game. But that’s not all: After that he shot powerfully against the production on the net. Sissi Hofbauer (26), who also had to pack her bags, first stood by Jan – but now she distances herself from his behavior!

In your Instagramstory, the influencer has now made a longer statement about the drama surrounding her former comrade-in-arms Jan. “You can see very clearly that Jan’s reaction was mean, deliberately hurtful”, the blonde clarified. During the filming, she had seen the situation differently and also got along really well with Jan – now Sissi admitted that she was wrong about him. “I just want to clearly distance myself from Jan, from his behavior. I have no contact with him and that’s a good thing,” explained the 26-year-old.

On the show, she wasn’t present when Jan verbally attacked the twins, so she had a consistently positive impression of him. “I think I have to experience again and again that I can’t rely on my gut feeling. In real life I know exactly how to classify people. On TV I now know that I can’t trust that.”concluded the former The Summer House of the Stars participant.

Jan Leyk and the Jakic twins in “Battle of the Reality Stars” 2022
Sissi Hofbauer and Jan Leyk at “Battle of the Reality Stars” 2022
Sissi Hofbauer in March 2022

Instagram / sissimariehofbauer

Sissi Hofbauer in March 2022

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