Batgirl: Leslie Grace unveils a first photo of Barbara Gordon’s costume


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Credits: Instagram / @LeslieGrace

While HBO launched the filming of Batgirl a few weeks ago, Leslie Grace has just offered an exclusive preview of her vigilante look. As sexy as Catwoman, Batgirl is likely to offer the DCEU an important turning point.

She had not appeared on screen since 1997. But Batgirl is finally about to make a comeback. No actress had worn the superhero costume since Alicia Silverstone in Batman & Robin. Project eagerly awaited by fans around the world, Batgirl promises to be part of the sensations of the end of the year. It will be the actress Leslie Grace who will have the heavy task of slipping into the skin of Barbara Gorfon, daughter of the famous commissioner of the same name. But in this new version, the “happy dad” seems to know everything about the double life of his offspring. An important detail, which promises beautiful scenes between these two!

To keep fans waiting, Leslie Grace has just released a first image of her look from Batgirl. Exit the darkness of the last Batman, the vigilante asserts herself in an electric blue tight-fitting leather outfit. His gold-colored insignia sits proudly on his chest, taking on the same hue as his cape. The latex mask is there, almost faithful to the original. All of this bodes well for an assertive heroine, free but above all sexy as hell. His worst enemy will be camped by Brendan Fraser. After years of turmoil, the actor has returned to the cinema for a few months. Rid of these old demons, he will, for sure, be a high-flying villain!

Leslie Grace: a modern Batgirl!

On the web, the comments are full of praise for the outfit of the actress. The choice is bold but it seems to appeal to fans. We are far from the iconic outfit present in the source comics. Batgirl thus risks giving a serious kick to gender stereotypes. The DCEU and Warner are betting heavily on this project. After many failures, the studio no longer has the right to make mistakes if it wants to continue to stand up to Marvel. He has just formalized the start of another attractive project: Blue Beetle. The film already boasts of a colossal budget! Case to follow.

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