Batgirl can’t go to the cinema! It’s such a puzzle…

The film Batgirl was already in the post-production phase, i.e. the final fine-tuning of editing, sound and effects. But in the end, they won’t send it to the cinemas at all! “The decision not to release Batgirl reflects a strategic shift by our management regarding the DC Comics universe of heroes,” claims the press release, but according to behind-the-scenes sources, it was purely due to the poor quality of the film.

From the first trailer, it was clear what The Batman was going for. But even after watching the movie, it’s not entirely clear if he got there.

The relatively unknown Leslie Grace (27), who was let down by a cheap-looking costume, appeared in the main superhero role. And Michael Keaton (70) didn’t show too much as the returning Batman from the 90s, who only got a minimum of space. At the same time, he was said to be the best that the film had to offer!

Return of »Batffleck«

Who, on the other hand, entered the DC universe under the banner of the studio Warner Bros. as batman returns is Ben Affleck (49). He first appeared in the Batman costume in 2016, but he did not receive a warm reception from fans. And so he eventually left the role Robert Pattinson (36).

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But now Affleck will appear in Aquaman 2, which his colleague Jason Momoa (43) revealed on Instagram with a joint photo from the set. By the way, if you are confused about this, you are not the only one. The studio is really grooving and over the last few years has already introduced a whole range of Batmans from different time periods, portrayed by different actors…

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