Bastos completely dazzled by Victoria? It reveals a crisp detail about their reunion

Victoria Mehault

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Credit: @victoria_mehault / @bastoswithlove

While Victoria and Bastos are now living the perfect love, they have made a crisp confidence on their reunion!

After parting ways at the end of last year, Bastos and Victoria have finally decided to give themselves a whole new chance. And if the couple had decided to be discreet before formalizing their reunion, it was without counting on Isabeau who inadvertently posted a video captured on New Year’s Eve where Bastos was very clearly seen bending down to kiss Victoria during the twelve strokes of midnight. Rather than trying to hide that they were together again, the two lovers decided to come to terms with their love.. Thus, they were displayed during a brunch in the lead.

Bastos and Victoria share their secrets about their reunion – Credit (s): @victoria_mehault, @bastoswithlove

But it was especially when Bastos posted a clip on his Youtube channel that their subscribers discovered that they were indeed reconciled. Indeed, the young man took advantage of the return of the pretty blonde in his native region to reserve him a big surprise. So, he wrote her a love song accompanied by a video where he gathered their best moments together. Suffice to say that Victoria was very moved by viewing the images. Enough to allow their subscribers to rejoice for them. But that’s not all since the couple gave themselves up to some confidences this weekend.

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Bastos completely seduced by Victoria

To please her followers, Victoria unveiled a photo of the outfit she chose to wear on her first date with Bastos after their breakup. Both classy and sexy, the dress was downright flattering. And as Vivi herself admits in legend of the cliché, she had given everything. But did this technique of seduction work on the main person concerned? Bastos responded! By sharing the image on his social networks, he said: “When I saw her again, she was dressed like this. In my brain, there was something that gave up.” This proves that they were destined to meet again.

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