Bastos auditioned by the police after a complaint from Illan? An info falls

While many influencers are currently turning their backs on Illan, Isabeau continues to support him. It must be said that the reality TV candidate is currently at the heart of a lively controversy … Since several people are insinuating that he would have forced a minor to have a sexual act with him at the time, even if for at the moment it is impossible to get hold of this video in question. Also, a few days ago, Bastos had made other damning revelations about Illan during a live Twitch, explaining what a member of the production of the Princes of Love had told him.

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Did Illan file a complaint against Bastos?

Thus, Bastos confided that during the filming of the show, Illan would have asked his suitors to “sleep with him” otherwise, they would be eliminated … Words which are then very quickly returned to the ears of the candidate of reality TV concerned. Today, He frowned announces in fact that Illan would have lodged a complaint against Bastos for what he threw: “According to my information, Bastos was auditioned yesterday following Illan’s complaint about Bastos’ comments live on Twitch. “

Did Illan file a complaint against Bastos?
Did Illan file a complaint against Bastos?

He frowned added about Bastos: “Apparently he’s planning to make a YouTube video to talk about this. Anyway, this story is really going to court.” Info that seems to match the latest stories Instagram from the influencer, who wrote: “Tomorrow I have to go to the police station, someone has filed a complaint against me” and “The class in custody”. So, is Illan the one behind this? Pending confirmation, Bastos and Victoria have announced their final breakup.

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