bastien "Koh Lanta" : this huge scoop that he hid from his ex-girlfriend, Charline who became his best friend!

Last night was the grand finale of “Koh-Lanta: the cursed totem” on TF1. And these are François and bastien who won this season with four votes in their favor each. They therefore share the 100,000 euros. On this occasion, Bastien gave an interview to the Parisian, during which he made several revelations, in particular about his intimate life. In particular on Charline, his ex-girlfriend who became his best friend, who pushed him to participate in the adventure.

“People around me didn’t know anything and found out what was going on as the episodes went on. At the end, Charline said to me: ‘I knew, I told you so’. She told me always repeated: ‘You would be very strong Bastien, you have to do Koh-Lanta. “She had a good flair and it paid off”did he declare.

Bastien also returned to his state of health back in France. And it’s not very happy, in the same vein as Ambre, who came back with hepatitis A, very thin and less hairy. “I lost 14 kg during the adventure and on the way back my stomach did not immediately accept the abundant European food”, explained Bastien. Before continuing: “I fell a little ill, and when I was able to start eating again, it was hard to hold back. We no longer feel the effect of satiety, it’s the stomach ache that forces us to stop eating “.

On the other hand, what Bastien was happy to find again was, of course, his comfort. “I slept in my bed with pleasure,” he said. And concluded this interview by expressing his desire to participate again in the adventure. Case to follow!

Laura Bertrand

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