Bassetti: “Omicron will hit everyone in the next three months. We will pay the consequences of those who did not want to vaccinate “

“I believe that the infections will grow again during the next week, we will have the effects of the holiday season. The problem is that there are so many tampons, making a lot of tampons is not good for the health system, it is good for those who produce them. Today the tracking is lost and therefore making so many swabs is useless “. To say it, guest of First Channel, the director of the infectious diseases department of San Matteo in Genoa, Matteo Bassetti. He added: “There has been a radicalization on the positions of the no-vax by some political parties, by journalists and televisions, it has become a topic of debate. At this point those who are not vaccinated will be hit by Omicron with absolute certainty, who in one way who in the other. All citizens will pay the consequences of the no-vax and it is paradoxical because not getting vaccinated is an act of profound civic rudeness “.

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