Bassetti: "Numbers of deaths and hospitalized are skewed"

The infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti

Genoa, 11 January 2022 – The data on hospitalizations e dead per Covid I am “falsified“The infectious disease specialist argues Matteo Bassetti who thus comments on the report Fiaso, according to which 34% of hospitalized positive patients are not sick with Covid but are in hospital for other reasons.

For Bassetti the number is higher: “In our departments we are well over 35% of hospitalized who have nothing to do with Covid-19. They do not have any symptoms of the disease, but only the positivity to the swab for admission to the hospital – he says to the Agi agency -. Indeed, I will say more, this also happens in the recording of deaths: I know the patient enters the hospital for quite another, but he is positive and dies, comes automatically registered on the form as Covid death. These are absolutely false numbers “.

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Bulletin January 11

“We have 26% of the wards occupied – continues the director of the infectious disease clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa – but we would have 10% of them if we used different criteria. So it would be a normal January: in fact, in this winter month we had in flu and pneumonia patients ward “.

Bassetti appeals to Draghi to “listen a little more to the doctors and a little less to the bureaucrats”, taking “example from the Americans, the English and the Spanish”, and getting out of the emergency logic.

The infectious disease specialist is in favor of abandoning the daily bulletin by a weekly report. Hypothesis on which the Scientific technical committee. “We are the only ones in Europe” who continue with the daily bulletin, says Bassetti: “One thing was a year ago, another today with 90% vaccinated population”.

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