Basic bullshit: He does this always and everywhere

Bara, what did you reveal about yourself in the new book?

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“Maybe what my colleagues know about me, but not the listeners. I have such a mess. I go to concerts at the very last minute. For theatrical performances in which I play, too. I don’t like downtime. They seem like a mess and a waste of time. I’m pretty action-packed and I don’t mind killing time waiting and doing nothing. “

At the last minute, that means what?

“When I go to a concert at a festival where I have to sing with a band, the manager parks behind my stage. I’m already dressed and made up from home, let’s say a playlist and I’m going for it. Sometimes I run straight to the stage! I usually go to the theater fifteen minutes before the show starts. I will come, I will change, I will go to the make-up artist for the microport and straight to the stage. “

Space X: Interview with Bara Basikova

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It has a very special name.

“And I don’t know why. When we planned the blog, we drank a few bottles of wine and the name spontaneously occurred to me. (smiles) But I write for life. Song lyrics, poems and feuilletons. When I was nineteen, I wrote my first book. That was before the revolution. She couldn’t come out then because she was very controversial. “

In what?

“It was a novel about the love of two girls, students. I wanted to write something powerful and controversial, to provoke with something. A couple of friends knew I was writing something, and they wanted to read it. I was already singing at that time, so I had friends in the art industry. The text reached Bohumil Hrabalwho wrote me a beautiful letter to him. That it is an exceptional novel, not only in content but also in form. “

Your face: Bara Basikova did not hold back tears! Because of Gott!

Full interview Sunday Aha! Nov 22, 2021

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