Based on true stories, new series predicts the future on Netflix

Who wouldn’t want to know what the future holds for humanity? This is the premise of the series O Futuro, a documentary production that has just arrived in the Brazilian catalog of Netflix. In the project, experts analyze new technological trends, their revolutionary possibilities and the ways in which they can influence the destiny of society.

The Future – also found under the original title The Future Of – is a production of Shawn Levy (Project Adam), in partnership with Vox Media Studios and The Verge website.

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One of the great assets of the documentary series is its impressive look, marked by exuberant scenes of nature and glimpses of the technological universe.

We explain below everything you need to know about The Future on Netflix; Check out the theme of each episode.

Discover the documentary series The Future on Netflix

In recent years, Netflix has proven international audiences’ interest in documentaries and series inspired by true stories.

The productions of true crime – such as The Tinder Scam and Pray and Obey – for example, are always in the Top 10 worldwide on the platform.

But beyond that, Netflix finds great success with documentaries about technology and nature, in the style of Our Planet and Earth at Night.

The Future, therefore, has great potential to win over Netflix’s international audience.

“With the help of experts, this groundbreaking documentary series examines new technological trends and their revolutionary possibilities,” states the official synopsis of The Future.

The purpose of The Future is to provide an interesting overview of the progression of technology and to show how innovations and inventions change the course of humanity.

With only 6 episodes in its first season, The Future doesn’t need to be watched in chronological order.

The first episode of The Future talks about animal intelligence and society’s relationship with pets. The chapter also shows technological innovations that can help with communication between dogs and humans.

In its second chapter, The Future focuses on modern relationships, and the role of dating apps and websites in conceptions of love and passion.

The third episode, in turn, focuses on the growing interest of the world public in houseplants. In this episode, O Futuro features interviews with botanists and biologists.

Finally, the last three episodes of The Future focus on important issues in the world of technology and cuisine: games, space tourism and food engineering.

As the episodes of The Future are about 20 minutes long, the series is perfect for those who want to know more about the world of technology in dynamic and simple language content.

The Future is now available in the Brazilian Netflix catalog. You can already check out the release, along with several other documentaries, on the platform.

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