Based on true crimes, new series shocks Netflix subscribers

While essential to modern society, the internet is also home to great dangers and huge threats. This is the theme of the series Land of Illusions: Internet, Death and Lies. Based on real-life crimes, documentary production has left subscribers to Netflix completely shocked.

Co-produced by Ron Howard, – a filmmaker known for series like Arrested Development and films like Solo – the Netflix series shows how the virtual universe can bring terrible reflections to the real world.

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The 1st season of Land of Illusions: Internet, Death and Lies has only 6 episodes, each one about a different story.

See below for everything you need to know about the crimes, theme and episodes of Land of Illusions: Internet, Death and Lies on Netflix.

Discover the terrifying series Land of Illusions: Internet, Death and Lies

Land of Illusions: Internet, Death and Lies is another Netflix true crime production. In recent years, the platform has proven international audiences’ interest in true-crime stories.

In Land of Illusions, each of the episodes addresses a different theme – all of them related to the obscure universe of the internet.

“Conspiracy, fraud, violence, death… What starts in the virtual world can become reality. And when the network is global, so are the consequences”, states the official synopsis of Land of Illusions on Netflix.

The first episode, called “Murdered by SWAT” follows the story of a gamer who pranks emergency services and sends SWAT teams to the homes of innocent people. The game, as expected, ends in tragedy.

With revolting stories, Land of Illusions has everything to repeat the success of Tinder’s Hustler, one of Netflix’s biggest true crime hits.

The second episode, in turn, is titled “Murder in Washington DC”. The chapter talks about the death of a member of the Democratic National Committee, which gives rise to conspiracy theories and causes a true media nightmare.

“I’m Not a Nazi” is the third episode of Lands of Illusions. In it, a woman recounts how she became the poster girl for a group of white supremacists – a position that resulted in violence and murder.

The fourth episode, a la The Tinder Scam, addresses terrible cases of sexual extortion on the internet.

Finally, the last two episodes of Land of Illusions focus on the same case: the FBI’s journey in search of a skilled hacker.

On social media, the shocking content of Land of Illusions is already compared to Pray and Obey, one of the scariest documentaries on the platform.

Land of Illusions: The Internet, Death and Lies is now available on Netflix. See the trailer below.

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