Barwani News: Queue in OPD registration and check-up center

Barwani (Representative of New Zealand).

The district hospital of Barwani, which is famous for health services in Nimar-zone, is unable to bear the pressure of patients these days. Due to the increasing crowd, the services of the hospital have started suffocating. The queues in OPD and testing centers are increasing the trouble for the patients coming to the hospital for treatment. On Monday after Sunday holiday, a large number of people had reached OPD for registration.

These days there is a seasonal viral attack in the area. Due to this people are suffering from cold-cough, cold and fever. People are approaching the hospital for treatment, but from OPD to testing lab, the system is proving to be bony. This is causing a lot of trouble to the people. Despite this, the hospital administration is not able to make extensive efforts to improve it. According to the hospital OPD, 560 people were registered from 10 am to 6 pm. Let us tell you that since the last week of last month, there is a lot of people suffering from viral in the hospital. More patients are admitted especially in infant ward and women ward. Due to this, beds have to be crammed into the wards. Along with this, beds are also seen in the verandahs.

Can’t find a place to queue

There is a separate queue of men and women in the OPD. Due to this, people have to pass through the doctors room to go to the medicine distribution center. At the same time, there was a queue of women inside the lab and men at the door outside. Due to this, people moving in blood banks and wards had to struggle to get out.

Trapped in lab after coming out of OPD

Due to the high number of patients, the condition of patients and relatives is becoming such that if OPD comes out of the queue of registration, then gets stuck in the queue of lab for examination. Munna Khan, who arrived with his relatives, told that he had reached the hospital at 10.30 in the morning. In the OPD, the number came in an hour due to the queue at different counters of men and women. After this, at around 11.30 am, he was able to show the concerned doctor in the OPD. RS Davar told that he had come to show his mother. There was a long queue for OPD registration. As soon as the letter was made and showed it to the doctor, he wrote the test. When he went to the lab for examination, before the blood sample, the computer slipped again for about one and a half hours in the queue. Then waited for the number inside to give the blood sample.

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