Bartošová miniseries director Michal Samir: Iveta’s sequel will be!

The first three parts of the miniseries charted the adolescence and birth of the star by name Bartošová and celebrated great spectator success. At the May premiere, Samir did not rule out a sequel and has now confirmed his intention at a Voyo press conference. “Iveta will continue! Everything will revolve around the 90’s and Iveta’s relationship with the composer Ladislav Štaidl, “the director revealed, adding that of course he will consult everything with the singer’s family again.

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Ivetina place

“Coincidentally, I’m going to Arthur’s next one of our seats in a while,” the director said, adding that he planned to visit places in Prague connected with Iveta. “I would like to say that her family would somehow interfere creatively in the script for me. I’m just discussing everything with them and explaining certain details, “Samir added, adding that he highly values ​​not only Arthur’s trust.

Director Iveta Michal Samir: Everything was in Bartošová’s life

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