Baroque gems are back in place: Statues hovered above the castle

Uniques from the Baroque period by the Děčín sculptor Abraham Felix Kitzinger passed through the hands of the restorer Jarmil Plachý. These are sculptures of female allegorical and mythological characters. “But five of them are newly created copies, for the creation of which the original sandstone from Pirna was used,” said the director of the chateau, Miroslava Poskočilová. The originals, on which the tooth of time was signed, were moved to the garden saloon. With the return of the statues, the complete repair of the garden pavilion, which the chateau administration made available to visitors last September, ended. It lasted two years and cost 13.5 million crowns. The restoration of the sculptures cost another seven million.

Decorative building

Gloriet (from the French gloriette, diminished glory) is a decorative structure in a garden or park, usually brick, often open on the sides and complemented by a columned arcade. It has a rich sculptural decoration.

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