“Bares for Rares” moderator loses his composure at the desired price – but then the surprise follows

Horst Lichter could hardly believe what the potential seller wanted for a single photo. But the moderator had reckoned without the expert…

While other sellers had to carry heavy rarities to “Bares für Rares”, Frank Ewerhardy only had light luggage with him. The truck driver from Bad Breisig, Rhineland-Palatinate, finally brought a single photo, but Horst Lichter widened his eyes at it: “Art is hip!” At the invitation of expert Colmar Schulte-Goltz, the moderator was also able to Weiß-Bild directly shined with his car knowledge and correctly explained that a BMW model was shown here, which was commonly called “Baroque Angel”. “Very nice picture,” added Lichter appreciatively.

Frank Ewerhardy discovered the photo in a bag during a detention resolution and brought it to the junk show as a result of internet research. Lights was obviously curious and asked Schulte-Goltz why he was wearing gloves: “Is that a work of art by an important artist?” The expert actually agreed, because this is a photograph by Peter Keetman, who is in the made a name for himself in the 1950s with series of photographs of German industry during the economic miracle. The picture Ewerhardy brought back was again part of a portfolio and was originally made in 1956. A lavishly produced new print from 1987, of which there were only 100 copies, made it to “Bares für Rares”.

Unfortunately, the condition of the photo was not perfect, as Schulte-Goltz found out. Corners chipped, one visible crease, finger marks and light soiling. Still, that didn’t stop Frank Ewerhardy from rushing ahead with his desired price: full 4,500 He wanted euros for the picture. A few seconds of silence followed, during which Horst Lichter just stared at him with a frown before he finally digged deeper in disbelief: “For a photo?”

The “Bares for Rares” expert then contributed to the final surprise of the lights: Since Peter Keetman died in 2005, so no new recordings were added, even this deduction was traded highly. Despite the less than optimal condition, his estimate therefore amounted to 2,700 to 3,000 euros. “My God, children,” it blurted out. “You’re throwing numbers around here. That’s a fender from the car that was photographed.” Although the estimate was only two-thirds of his asking price, Ewerhardy accepted the estimate and headed to the dealership. Incidentally, the junk show itself also caused a real surprise, as Horst Lichter reveals:

Fast-paced bidding surpasses even expertise

There, Wolfang Pauritsch revealed to the seller that they had researched and that there were actually auction copies that brought several thousand euros. Accordingly, Pauritsch himself submitted a starting bid of 1,000 euros. In a matter of seconds and hundreds of steps, he and Julian Schmitz-Avila swayed so rapidly that Ewerhardy’s mouth fell open as he watched. Shortly before the 2,000 mark, Schmitz-Avila revealed himself as a passionate collector of photographs and, after a brief pause, continued his private duel with Pauritsch. Although it was only progressing in steps of 50 in some cases, neither of them wanted to give up, which is why Pauritsch asked his competitor when he was offered 3,150 euros: “Should we tear each other apart now? or what are we doing here now?”

After Ewerhardy answered his question as to whether he would sell for it, Paurtisch preferred to get out. For 3,150 euros and thus more than the estimate, the picture went to the declared photography friend Julian Schmitz-Avila. In the end, the seller was extremely satisfied with it and could be happy that he had looked in the bag with the valuable rarity when the household was cleared.

“Bares for Rares” runs on weekdays at 3:05 p.m. on ZDF, the offshoot ZDF Neo broadcasts repeats at 10:55 a.m. and at 7:20 p.m. The concept has not changed to this day. People like Wilhelm Steiger have their exhibits evaluated by experts and then haggle over the price in the dealer’s room.

You can stream the ZDF program at Waipu.tv. In the free trial month, you can test the offer from over 180 different channels.

Are you a scrap collector or antiques dealer: Test your “Bares for Rares” knowledge

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