Barely hours after Dani’s death, her best friend makes revelations that will leave no one indifferent!

This is news that shook all the French media this Tuesday, July 19, 2022… Singer Dani died at the age of 77 in Tours. A versatile artist, the main interested party has distinguished herself in many fields. In particular the 7ᵉ art and music. In the early 2000s, she was a hit with the hit “Comme un boomerang” in duet with Etienne Daho.

Like thousands of anonymous people and stars, the latter paid him a beautiful tribute on the Web. “You did everything with the elegance of dilettantes, surfing, off the beaten track, without letting yourself be locked up in the boxes in which they wanted to lock you up, charming your world with your mischief and your deep, sensitive voice, hidden in the volutes smoke from your cigarettes,he pointed out via a post.

“She was an extremely loyal friend…”

This week, Françoise Quinta, a great friend of the icon, also came out of her silence to salute her memory. The two women have always been inseparable. Originally from Perpignan, the interpreter of “The Machine” liked to find her as soon as she had a moment off. “I was in the same school as her, at Joan of Arc. She came to the house very regularly and I can’t believe it… She was an extremely faithful friend, phone calls every day”, found Françoise Quinta for Actu Perpignan. “And how she was loved!” The real sadness is that she was about to record songs that were awesome. She had everything ready and I had a preview of the lyrics and music. It is really a regret that she did not have time to do it”.

On a daily basis, Dani was very caring with the people around him. “It was generosity incarnate, his birthdays in Paris were incredible. Then she often came to Perpignan. She told me we don’t go out, we stay here “, added his former sidekick. With her admirers, the singer was just as caring. “When we were in Perpignan, when we often stopped her and told her ‘I was in class with you’, she told me ‘In my opinion, the classes must have had more than 100 students because everyone world told me that he was in class with me’, and in schools where she had not gone”, concluded Françoise Quinta and underlined: “She told me ‘I say yes, because otherwise it hurts people […]’”.


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